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You don’t have to compromise on your dreams in Kainuu. You might find your true home in the middle of nature on a lake shore and yet only 15 minutes away from services you need. Active hobbies and sports clubs for kids and adults, schools and health care services combined with nature around you are the basis of our relaxed life style and quality of life – Kainuu Lifestyle. You’ll also find the costs for living quite affordable.

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Hyrynsalmi is a municipality of 2 195 inhabitants (in January 2021) . The municipal center of Hyrynsalmi is located about 70 km from the regional capital Kajaani, along national highway number 5. Hyrynsalmi is the home for Ukkohalla Ski and Sport Resort.

Hyrynsalmi website (in Finnish)


Kajaani – the Regional Capital

Kajaani is our regional capital located along national highway number 5. In Kajaani, we also have an airport and a train station. Kajaani city is big enough (36 582 inhabitants in January 2021) to offer comprehensive services  and recreational possibilities, but small enough to have it all within short distances.

Info site for people moving to Kajaani (in Finnish)


Kuhmon kirjasto. Kuvaaja Pekka Agarth.

Kuhmo – a Cultural City

Kuhmo is a town of 8 043 inhabitants (1/2021) on the eastern border of Finland. The citycenter is located about 100 km eastward from Kajaani. The strengths of Kuhmo lie in timber, the boreal wilderness, and culture. Kuhmo is famous for its own chamber music festival and a member of UNESCO cities of literature.

Kuhmo website (in Finnish)



Paltamo on Shore of Lake Oulujärvi

Paltamo is a municipality with 3 233 inhabitants (in January 2021). The municipal center is located about 40 km from Kajaani to the direction of Oulu on the west coast, right across the open waters of lake Oulujärvi. Paltamo has aptly been marketed with the slogan “build on the beach”.

Paltamo Website (in Finnish)


Small and Resilient Puolanka

Puolanka is a small municipality of 2 488 inhabitants (1/2021). The municipal center is located about 100 km north from Kajaani, in the  geographical center of mainland Finland.  Puolanka  often scores the highest as snow levels are measured in Kainuu. Paljakka hill in Puolanka has the highest peaks in Kainuu and is the home of a skiing center with the same name.

Puolanka Website (in Finnish)


Ristijärvi – in the Middle of Kainuu

Ristijärvi municipality centre is located about 40 km northeast from the regional capital Kajaani, along the highway number 5. Ristijärvi municipality is the smallest in Kainuu according to the number of inhabitants, which was 1 238 in January 2021. Living in Ristijärvi, you still have an easy access to the services of Kajaani.

Ristijärvi Website (in Finnish)


The Lively and Active Sotkamo

Sotkamo is located about 40 km from the regional capital towards Kuhmo in the east.  The area, being the home of Vuokatti sports and tourism center with comprehensive services of top quality, is famous for both the themes. The lively municipality had 10 300 inhabitants in January 2021.

Sotkamo Website


Suomussalmi – 3511 Fishing Sites!

Suomussalmi is the northernmost municipality of Kainuu, with 7 604 inhabitants (in January 2021). The municipal center is located about 100 km from Kajaani, along highway number 5. Suomussalmi is known for the famous Hossa national park, with also a plenty of other wilderness destinations to offer.

Suomussalmi Website (in Finnish)

Home Searching in Kainuu

Looking for a house to invest in or a beach plot to make your dream of a summer cottage come true? Or is is perhaps a student accommodation or another rental that would suit your needs the best? How about services for elderly? Whatever your wishes and needs related to living in Kainuu, we have collected the links for you below!

Real Estates and Flats Online

Support and Service Housing for the Elderly and Disabled

In Finland, supported housing (tukiasuminen) and service housing (palveluasuminen) are available to those in need of support in living independently. You may read more about the topic on the InfoFinland Website.

Taking Good Care of You

We take good care of our residents, regardless of their age and life situation.  Follow the links below to learn more about the daycare/ early childhood education services and the social and welfare services in Kainuu.

Daycare/ early childhood education

Finnish early childhood education and care comprises care, education and teaching to support children’s balanced growth, development and learning. To begin the introduction to the theme, you might want to visit the Education Finland website or watch a presentation video “Early childhood care and compulsory schooling in Finland” produced by City of Kajaani/ International info on YouTube.

Social and Welfare Services

Kai­nuu So­cial Wel­fa­re and Health Ca­re Joint Aut­ho­ri­ty (Kai­nuun so­te) pro­vi­des all the so­cial wel­fa­re and health ca­re ser­vi­ces for the municipalities of Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani, Kuhmo, Paltamo, Ristijärvi, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi. In Puolanka, the organisation provides only the special health care services and and environmental health care services.

Kai­nuu is a fo­re­run­ner in Fin­land in terms of in­teg­ra­ting pri­ma­ry health ca­re ser­vi­ces with spe­cia­li­zed me­di­cal ca­re as well as so­cial ser­vi­ces. Kai­nuun so­te is the big­gest emp­lo­yer in the re­gion with about 3 700 emp­lo­yees.  On the organisation website, you’ll find information on all their services.

Kainuu Social and Health Care Authority in English

In the area of Puolanka municipality, the so­cial wel­fa­re and health ca­re services are provided by Terveystalo:

Kainuu for Summer Residents

We welcome you to Kainuu also as a summer resident or a part time inhabitant of some other sort.  If you are still only dreaming about finding your own place in Kainuu, you’ll find the links to real estates in Kainuu earlier on this page.

For current information about the services in Kainuu municipalities, as well as the events and interesting destinations you’ll find on the municipal websites and multiple social media channels available.