Working in Kainuu

From Kainuu, you’ll find a northern combination of vitality, peaceful nature, high technology and smooth everyday life. We need  a wide range of  experts here, and would also like to offer new business opportunities for companies. Bring your skills to Kainuu, the center of Finland!

Work Opportunities

The success of Kainuu is built on professionalism, entrepreneurship and cooperation. As our industries grow and diversify, new jobs open up throughout the region, so there is plenty of choice for job seekers. In Kainuu, you will find the next job of your dreams!

The service sector, which covers tourism, trade and public services, among others, is the largest employer in Kainuu region. Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority is the largest single employer in the region, currently employing about 3,200 people.

Tourism, bio economy, mining industry and technology industry are  the current growth sectors in Kainuu. You may read more on the development priorities related on the  document “Kainuu Programme in a Nutshell“.

As a growing and developing region, Kainuu offers good employment opportunities in a modern, encouraging environment, where the employee is taken care of. Welcome to Kainuu!


Occupational Barometer of Kainuu

The occupational barometer is an estimate of the employment offices for short-term outlook for key occupations and workforce availability. On the dedicated page, you’ll be able to compare the amount of open vacancies and job seekers per profession around Finland.

Could your special expertise be just the one we are looking for in Kainuu?

Occupational Barometer




RekryKainuuLive ia a place where jobseekers and employer needs meet. There are opportunities in Kainuu that they want to help find.



Links to job search services

Public employment and business services
Oikotie (in Finnish)
Monster (in Finnish)
Public sector vacancies on Kuntarekry website
Vacancies at Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority (in Finnish)

Remote Working

Forget the endless commuting and  dull office interiors, telework and multilocationality are here! Adapting to the new world situation has made place-independent work the new norm.

Work from the peace of your home or summer cottage if it suits you best, or take advantage of the remote work points available in Kainuu. Fall in love with the multiple telework opportunities in Kainuu!

Kainuu valokuitu

High-speed Connections Enable Teleworking in Kainuu

A reliable high-speed internet connection is becoming a basic utility similar to water and electricity.  We have built fixed fibre connections with national funding in Kainuu since 2011. The availability of  fibre optic network in the end of 2019 covered 32% of the households in Kainuu.  Counting all the fixed connections, the availability rate (Download ≥ 100 Mbit/s) rises to 58 %.  As wireless connections complement the fixed network  in and around Kainuu, the opportunities for teleworking are good.

Broadband in Kainuu


New Work Community from Teleworking Facilities?

Teleworking doesn’t always mean retreating to solitude, but working in groups other than your own work community. For example, municipalities or village communities may provide teleworking facilities that you may reserve for a day or two, or for longer periods. Below you’ll find some links to teleworking facilities in Kainuu.

There are two workstations available at the Telework Premises at Kuhmo Townhall (info in Finnish) or if you would like to work surrounded by the nature, you could try out the premises of Iivantiira village hall in Kuhmo (address: Kekkostie 4264).

Four spaces dedicated to teleworkers have been opened up at Suomussalmi town hall. See more on  the municipality website (at the moment only in Finnish).

The teleworking premises at the old bank house in Vuolijoki (information available in Finnish) are administrated by a local association.

Hotel Kalevala Teleworking

Working in the Wilderness

In the Wild Taiga region in and around Kuhmo and Suomussalmi, cosy accommodation, convenient services and the complete peace and silence of the surrounding wilderness create an ideal setting for teleworking. After work,  it is easy to shift to holiday mode while remaining in the same beautiful surroundings and engaging in a variety of activities or just relaxing in the bosom of nature.

Explore Wild Taiga Telework Packages

Creative, Innovative and Resilient Kainuu

Kainuu offers a great platform for a wide range of businesses. Tourism, technology industry (metal and ICT sectors), sustainable mining sector and bio economy are currently our own top industries but we also boast with our effective regional cooperation, diverse know-how and the courage to innovate and try something new. Read more about Kainuu’s industries and find the keys for your success in Kainuu!


Livelihood from the Forests

Landscape of Kainuu is dominated by forests, so it’s no surprise that we have always lived from our forests. After the end of paper industry in Kainuu, there has been a gradual shift from the production of raw materials to the further processing of wood into finished products.

Woodpolis, operating in Kuhmo,  is a good example of this development. Together with its partners, Woodpolis supports the woodworking industry by developing new innovations in the area of wood construction. Woodpolis partner network includes private companies, educational institutes and universities. Woodpolis also develops and provides training and has a modern woodworking machinery, equipment and software for the use of companies and educational institutions in their training and product development.


Julma-Ölkky, Hossan kansallispuisto, Suomussalmi

A Tourism Region With Contrasts

The importance of tourism to regional economy in Kainuu is the third largest in Finland, right after Lapland and Åland regions. Kainuu offers a year-round, diverse destination  built on variety and contrast. At wintertime, there’s snow, cold and northern lights, but at summertime those change for soft sandy beaches and a gentle, nightless nights. The leap from wilderness to high culture and internationally attractive events is short in Kainuu. Kainuu’s tourism is based on domestic tourists, but the doors have slowly opened up to the international market as well.

Explore our Tourism Destinations


Renforsin Ranta Business Park

Renforsin Ranta is a business park in Kajaani, which has been set up on the former premises of UPM Kajaani mill and named after Herman August Renfors, an all-round industrial baron once active in Kajaani, Finland. There are dozens of companies operating in the area, including the CSC data center, designed for the requirements of critical high performance computing and surrounded by an ecosystem of data-analytics and ICT expertise. Renforsin Ranta is a modern and evolving concentration of expertise, providing an encouraging growth platform for companies.

Renforsin Ranta


Excellence in Measurement Technology

CEMIS – the Centre for Measurement and Information Systems is a contract-based joint centre of the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. and CSC – IT Centre for Science Ltd. CEMIS specialises in research and training in the field of measurement and information systems. CEMIS focus is to develop measurement and IT solutions for the cleantech sector and for sports, well-being and healthcare, and to support the development of new international business based on our innovations and expertise with our partner companies. CEMIS employs near 100 measurement and information system experts. The centre’s annual funding is over 12 million euros.


Business - Invest in Kainuu

Business investment, especially in leading industries, is important to secure regional growth. We invite you to join the cooperation for creating sustainable growth in the Kainuu region. Discover the possibilities of cooperation below!

STOB Regions kuvituskuva

Becoming an entrepreneur in Kainuu

The SME Barometer is published twice a year by the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Finnvera and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The barometer shows that many of Kainuu SMEs shall change ownership over the next five years. The percentage is among the largest in Finland and the matter concerns a significant number of jobs and local services . You can read more about the topic following the link below.

Federation of Finnish Enterprises | (

Excavator loading dumper truck on mining site

Invest in sustainable growth

We welcome new partners in Kainuu! By getting acquainted with the Kainuu program, which combines the regional plan and the regional program, you can create an understanding of the development of Kainuu’s livelihoods, services and regional structure. You might also find it useful to check out the Invest in Kainuu website for investors and find a profitable destination for your resources.
Learn about Regional Development in Kainuu

Invest in Kainuu

Filmmaking in Kainuu

Could you make the audiovisual production of your life in Kainuu? In recent years, Kainuu has strongly profiled itself as a destination combining unique locations, uncomplicated cooperation models and a comprehensive service offering. Bring your vision to life in Kainuu!

The convenient location of Kainuu region in the middle of Finland makes it an easily accessible and convenient destination for both small and large productions. The varying seasons and diverse locations offer ample opportunities to realize different kinds of visions. We understand the needs of productions and can offer you high level accommodation, catering and local guide services suitable for each production. We are delighted to offer all the support we can for the productions carried out in the region, as those usually lead to positive effects, not only from the point of view of the regional economy, but also by increasing the positive reputation of our region in Finland and around the world.

Take the first step by contacting regional coordinator Marko Karvonen either by e-mail or by calling him at +358 44 089 5033.

Do you need assistants for your production? There is a very active community of film assistants in Kainuu, which you can connect to via the Facebook group “Kainuu Film Assistants” at Kainuun elokuva-avustajat.

Ohjaaja Aku Louhimies

(Picture by Markus Kontiainen)


According to the plan, one of the most significant film production centers in Europe shall rise in the heart of Kainuu, in Vuokatti, Sotkamo in the next few years. The agreements signed in October 2020 have ensured the introduction of several international film productions into the region after the completion of the studios. Through the agreements, the partners are committed to bringing new technology and their own special expertise to develop the studios.

Learn more about Kajawood

About Working in Finland

Finland is one of best places in the world to live and work. The Finnish labour market and Finland’s workplaces operate on a foundation of equality and fairness. Below you’ll find links to a few pages where you’ll find the keys to starting work and living in Finland.

Working in Kainuu

The public employment and business services (TE-palvelut) in Finland offers plenty of information for both job seekers and employers/ entrepreneurs, also available in English.

TE-Palvelut Website

Working in Kainuu

The comprehensive site infoFinland helping you to settle in Finland also has a section dedicated to work and enterprises.

infoFinland Website