European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funds Environmentally Responsible Kainuu 2040 project that upgrades new climate and environmental goals for Kainuu region. These new goals can be used for example in regional planning and regional program work. Project lasts until 9th of April 2021.

The Background and Goals of the Project

Environmentally Responsible Kainuu 2040 project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Regional Council of Kainuu. The project has one employed worker, project manager Heidi Karppinen.

EU and Finnish national level legislations, agreements and decisions to diminish climate change impacts and environmentally sustainable development are the basis and the motive to this project. Project goals are to recognize what actions and steps we must take in Kainuu, and what kind of operational models and goals the region needs. These operational models and goals can be used in regional development. The project also creates a plan how to manage and monitor these goals. The project is carried out through an extensive participatory process, like workshops held in Autumn 2020.

The Current Climate Strategy and Environment Program of Kainuu aren’t up to Date and Able to Guide Regional Operators

One of the goals in this project is to develop tools to integrate climate and environmental responsibility goals to Kainuu regional program and its long term action plan. Climate and environmental questions will be linked as cross-sectoral goals to regional developmental projects and programs. Municipalities and other regional operators will take these into account in their program goals and execution.

ClimateWise and Environmentally Responsible Kainuu Contacts