Digital Support in Kainuu – Developing new Civic Skills

Public services go more and more online and new ways of running errands pop up, as the technology keeps developing with speed. By digital support, we mean any support in using digital services and smart devices and taking care of your pressing matters digitally.  The digital support for citizens aims at helping the citizens/ customers to use smart devices and digital services independently and safely.

Digital support may be offered as a remote service (by chat, phone, video support etc.), local support (service points, peer support, home service) or in form of training (for example online, at community colleges and on courses).

Ministry of Finance funds regional digital support projects around Finland. According to the current operational model, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (The Finnish Digital Agency) supports the actions of digital support networks put together by regional councils and acts as the advocate for digital support.

Kainuu became one of the coordinators of digital support in Finland in the end of year 2019. The project implementation period in Kainuu ran until the 31st October 2020, with the Regional Council of Kainuu acting as the responsible partner. Other organisations involved in the Project application were the Kainuu Social and Welfare Organisation (Kainuun Sote) and City of Kajaani, also involving the other municipalities in the region.

Activities of the “Digital Support in Kainuu” Project

  • Mapping the needs for and supply of digital support (needs of the citizens and the organisations providing support/ offering digital services)
  • Building the regional digital support network, developing cooperation so that the digital support is flexible, effective, and evolving.
  • Developing the availability and accessibility of digital support to match the regional needs.
  • Developing the visibility and awareness of digital support so that a person needing such services will find the information of those easily.
  • Developing stability and continuity: drafting a plan for regional coordination of digital support and the network activities to follow.

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Digital and Population Data Services Agency

National support for digital support networks comes from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.


Self-study materials, best practices and blogs to support the digital support provider (in Finnish).

Public Service Info

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The project has ended. For more information, please contact: