ELMO Cooperation

The regions of East and North Finland (ENF) form an 0fficial pilot area to develop new approaches based on smart specialisation. The pilot is called East and North Finland in Industrial Transition, or as we like to call it, ELMO.

In a nutshell, ELMO co-operation is about supervision of common interests and development work based on the identification of common strengths and complementary competencies. At the heart of the cooperation is smart specialization, the choices based on which we support the growth sectors of the regions. The aim is to develop new practices that will enable companies to take advantage of the expertise of the entire ENF area and the diverse network of innovation platforms we have.

The first phase of the ELMO collaboration produced the East and North Finland in industrial transition -smart specialisation strategy 2019-2023. The aim of this strategy is to strengthen the resilience of industries in the ENF area and to promote the growth and internationalization of companies. In the strategy, Clean technologies and low-carbon solutions, Industrial circular economy and ICT and digitalisation, innovative technologies and production processes were identified as common priorities for smart specialization in the area. In addition, the need to develop joint cluster activities was identified.

In the second phase, we put the strategy to use in order to support industries, growth and employment in the ENF regions. We welcome you to follow the work that we do for the regions in the East and North Finland!

Target groups

Direct target groups include the experts and organisations in Kainuu with expertise and activities related to selected key areas of Kainuu’s smart specialization strategy. These groups consist of Kainuu’s higher education sector, research institutes and units, educational institutions, companies and regional development organizations.

The indirect target groups are Kainuu’s companies, municipalities, educational institutions and the entire province (employment, know-how, GDP).

7 Innovations Related to Wood Value Chains Piloted

The ELMO call for business pilot funding in East and North Finland resulted with 17 applications by the deadline, of which 7 projects were selected for funding. The total amount of innovation vouchers distributed was € 279,000.

This is a new type of funding model for consortia of SMEs and research and development organizations operating in Eastern and Northern Finland. The theme of the call were product innovations in the wood value chain, which specifically support the circular economy and digitalisation.

Kainuu is involved in one ELMO business pilot.

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If you are interested in ELMO networks in East and North Finland, please contact the ELMO2 Kainuu project manager Virpi Keränen.

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ELMO2 Kainuu is proud to share the many opportunities in the Kainuu region with you, as well as tu support the innovation activities in the region.

The “Take your chance on the new business of the Kainuu region” videos and brochures present the province’s businesses and RDI actors in both Finnish and English. The videos can be found in the links below in Finnish and in English.

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