N-Lite Project in a Nutshell

Regional Council of Kainuu was a partner in the mini project called N-Lite (Literary Tourism Immersive Technology Acceleration). The project was funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic (NPA) programme and continued the work started in  Spot-lit project that ended in March 2022. Both projects aimed to develop literature tourism in the participating areas.

Post COVID, innovation capacity as a means to adapt, manage and respond to unforeseen circumstances is critical for micro  enterprises and SMEs in the NPA region to survive, advance and grow. There was an abundance of literary, cultural and natural resources, as well as existing and advanced technologies that may be used to exploit, further develop and market those assets and thereby grow sustainable LT businesses. The goal of N-Lite project was to investigate the possible technical solutions and to assess the potential of SMEs to uptake those, and to prepare a larger application for a development project.

The goal was, by adapting existing and emergent immersive digital technologies, to the creative capital and stories of the partner regions, to accelerate the sectors SMEs to growth in the coming years. Specifically, this was done through assessing suitable digital and associated technologies to develop immersive visitor experiences in the regions literary tourism sector. These technologies include Augmented and Virtual reality, mobile volumetric imaging, and marketing technologies, etc.

Partner Budgets

Western Development Commission WDC, IE

Regional Council of Kainuu, FI

Irish Central Border Area Network Ltd. ICBAN, GB

40 000 €

10 000 €

10 000 €

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