Safe Wind

Development of the Arctic zone is leading to increasing demand for up-to-date and sustainable energy supply systems. Modernization of energy-supply grids, local energy generating infrastructure, and expanding the usage of renewable sources of energy, are responding to the modern trends. Wind power plays an important role in the development of energy supply systems in remote territories, and the increasing number of wind power farms will have an increasing impact on the environment.

SafeWind (the official project title is “Environmental Safety and Sustainability of Wind Energy Projects at Remote Territories of Arctic Region”) project objective was to address the above mentioned trends by finding cross-border, common approaches for minimizing wind farms’ negative environmental impact in the future. The project developed recommendations on optimizing Environmental Impact Assessment requirements for wind power generation and distribution at remote and hard-to-reach territories along the international transport corridors Northern Axis, Barents Link and further along the Northern Sea Route.

The project aimed at mutual learning and unification of the requirements and approaches to the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process in the participating regions in Norway, the European Union and Russia, where preliminary EIA’s were carried out. By comparative analysis of the assessment processes, the project compiled and promoted a jointly developed list of common requirements for the wind power farm EIA in both on-shore and off-shore areas of the Barents/Euro-Arctic region.

The project worked in close cooperation with another Kolarctic project at the Regional Council of Kainuu:  Northern Axis – Barents Link (NABL KO4159).

Project Partners

Autonomous nonprofit organization «Center of management projects for social and economy, scientific and technological, innovative development and staff provision for regions», Russia

UiT, The Arctic University of Norway, Norway

Regional Council of Kainuu, Finland

Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov, Russia

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