The joint project for Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Region Norrbotten highlighted the power plants and their communities in the Oulujoki and Luulajajoki watersheds as cultural heritage and diverse resources. The main goal of the project was that the residents and operators of the built riversheds would in the future recognize the values ​​and utilize them as an attraction factor. Cross-border co-operation was utilized to make the cultural heritage of power plant construction in the northern rivers known and to strengthen the identity of local communities.

The Regional Council of Northern Ostrobothnia was the main partner of the project and Region Norrbotten was responsible for project implementation in Sweden.  Regional Council of Kainuu was involved in the project as a partner and also contributed a part of the project co-financing.

The project received EU funding from the Interreg Nord program and national funding from the Regional Council of Lapland. Council of Oulu Region, Regional council of Kainuu and the energy companies Oulun Energia, Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Kainuun Voima Oy, Loiste Oy and UPM-Kymmene Oyj  together provided the necessary co-financing contribution.

The project was implemented in extensive cooperation with energy companies in the area, municipalities, regional councils, educational institutions, museums, the university, village and resident associations, and local heritage associations.

For more information, contact the Council of Oulu Region:

Pekka Elomaa, Project Manager, (tel. +358 40 685 4032) and
Architect, Regional Land Use Planning, Kirsti Reskalenko (tel. +358 40 685 4030)

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