Smart Specialisation Goals of KAINUU

During the programming period 2014-2020, the European Commission has emphasized smart specialization strategies as a part of the implementation of Europe 2020 strategy.

In Kainuu region, the Smart specialisation choices for years  2018–2021 are as follows:

• Measurement technology
• Games & simulators
• Metal industry innovations

• Process and environmental monitoring of industry
• Forest & blue bio economy & food

• Activity tourism
• Health, physical training and sports

Cross-cutting themes and goals on all the RIS3 PRIORITIES in Kainuu are

  • Developing Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)
  • Utilisation of robotics, automation, data centres, data analysis, artificial intelligence & virtual reality
  • New solutions and applications of circular economy
  • Innovations in resource efficiency, decarbonisation and climate change mitigation & adaptation

As a whole, the activities aim at new investments and new enterprises, increased know-how and technology to the region, as well as increasing the volume and added value of production and export.

The smart specialization strategy of Kainuu region differs from traditional development activities of key industries in the sense that the growth is pursued in the areas of smart specialization through high know-how, research and innovation, and supporting educational activities. The key industries, on the other hand, are traditionally developed as a whole, from the basic skills required all the way to excellence as well as the operational infrastructure.

Updating the Current Smart Specialisation Strategy

At the moment, the ELMO2 Kainuu project of Regional Council of Kainuu is seeking for solutions to promote the internationalization of companies in the smart specialisation strategy key industries, networking of RDI activities and participation in European top research, as well as applying this research in practice on the regional level.

The project joins a larger cooperation of the regions of East and North Finland (ENF), the regions forming an 0fficial European Commission pilot area “East and North Finland in Industrial Transition” to develop new approaches based on smart specialisation

The ELMO 2 Kainuu project promotes and coordinates both the implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Kainuu and the larger Smart specialisation strategy of East and North Finland in Kainuu region, and supports renewal of industries in Kainuu and in the larger pilot area in Eastern and Northern Finland and internationally.

The project produces materials and develops new ways of working and solutions for the development of livelihoods and operating environments in Kainuu. This is done through the added value brought by internationalization, digitalisation and cluster development. Kainuu’s smart specialization strategy will be linked to the international framework by applying for the EU’s S3 platforms (Smart Specialization Platforms).