General Contacts

Postal address: Kainuun liitto, Kauppakatu 1, 87100 Kajaani, FINLAND

Invoicing Address: Kainuun liitto, Ostolaskut, PL 401, 87070 Kainuu, FINLAND

Phone to the Registry Office: +358 40 722 0900

E-mail to the Registry Office:

E-mail to our Personnel:

Business ID: 2496992-4

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 8 am -3 pm

We welcome you for a visit as long as you’re healthy. Please wash or disinfect your hands right after arriving.

We have three meeting rooms of different sizes available. You may participate most of our meetings online.



Bank Information

Iban: FI17 8119 9710 0090 04

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): 003724969924
E-invoicing operator: CGI 003703575029

Our Personnel

Regional Mayor


Regional Development

Land Use