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Regional Council of Kainuu at Your Service!

We want to be your regional development partner. On this page, you may read about our strategies, plans and activities and get to know our personnel.

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Seminar on Sustainable Tourism and the Circular Economy

Welcome to Kajaani in September!

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Kainuu Region

If you want to read about the Kainuu region in general, follow the link below to the region website!

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Kainuu Facts and Figures

You’ll find several kinds of statistics and infographics on a dedicated section of our web pages, some of those are available also in English.

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On the Information Services section, you can also get acquainted with the current plans, studies and reports published by the Regional Council of Kainuu.

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Kainuu region consists of 8 municipalities. The size of our region is comparable to Belgium. However, the population density in Kainuu is only as much as 3,6 inhabitants per km2, when in Belgium the number is more than ten times higher.

Our distance from the Finnish capital Helsinki is 568 km, and approximately 2 000 km from Brussels. However, the distance from Saint Petersburg is about 500 km.

The Regional Council of Kainuu is here to promote the vitality and sustainable development of Kainuu region and the well-being of its inhabitants. We are responsible for the general development of the region and the regional land use planning. Our organisation promotes the livelihoods of Kainuu region through its role as the funding authority for EU programmes.

Co-operation within the region, on national and international levels is important for us.

Kainuun maakunta ja kunnat.

Kainuu is full of opportunities and we want to be your development partner. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you see any possibilities for cooperation with us!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our site, please tell us and we’ll try our best to improve the situation. We are here for you!

Kainuu region is a Northern combination of vitality, peace of nature, state-of-the-art technology and smooth everyday life. New know-how and business are currently emerging especially around the wood industry, ICT, tourism, bioeconomy, circular economy and the creative industries. Kainuu’s economic growth and the well-being of its residents are supported by the sustainable use of natural resources and smart technologies.

In the future, Kainuu needs a wide range of new experts. Whether you are looking for a job or new business opportunities for your company. Come and create your own dream in Kainuu, the center of Finland!

Greetings from the Regional Mayor

At the office of Regional Council, we are the developers, planners as well as the advocates for Kainuu region. Our skilled and enthusiastic staff is a team with which we promote the vitality and success of Kainuu as instructed by our regional, political decision-makers. I find the potential of our region excellent. As the regional Mayor, I want to put myself out there for Kainuu and communicate about the region’s will to develop, about our hopes and our success stories. On our web sites you will find the core issues about our activities and a description of Kainuu as a region, as well as its attractions that we are proud of.

Pentti Malinen, Regional Mayor


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