The Kainuu regional youth council (MaNu) has been operating since 2008. MaNu is a politically and religiously independent youth influence group, nominated by the assembly of Kainuu regional council. Manu is a regional group that cooperates with Kainuu Social and Welfare Authority and the municipalities of Kainuu.


Background in the Legislation

According to Finnish law, young people must be given the opportunity to participate in matters concerning local and regional youth work and policies. In addition, young people need to be consulted on matters that concern them.

One way to achieve this goal has been through youth advocacy groups that work in slightly different ways from each other and may also be called by different names. Youth councils are non-political groups of young people who work in their own municipalities to promote the interests of local young people. You can read more information on the topic for example at

In Kainuu, also the regional youth council MaNu has operated alongside municipal influencer groups since year 2008. MaNu was originally established on the basis of an initiative taken by young people and funded through a project. These days, there is an annual budget and a support system built for MaNu under the Regional Council of Kainuu. 

MaNu Forms of Activity

The activities of Kainuu Regional youth council include, for example, organizing an annual regional youth forum, meetings with regional politicians appointed to support MaNu actions, participation in regional council meetings and participation in planning the future of the region.

In its own meetings, MaNu follows the rules of procedure of Kainuu Regional Board, as applicable.

MaNu Support System

The regional youth council cooperates with three different forms of organisations, each with their own special field in youth-related matters.

Technically, MaNu operates under the Regional Council of Kainuu. Among other things, the staff of the regional council assists in the meeting arrangements of the youth council and in practical matters related to its activities. From the Board of the Regional Council, contact persons have been appointed to support MaNu.

In order to ensure communication and exchange of experience, both the Kainuu Regional council and the Kainuu Social and Welfare Organisation have appointed several representatives from their own boards to support the youth council.

The municipalities of Kainuu (Hyrynsalmi, Kajaani, Kuhmo, Paltamo, Puolanka, Ristijärvi, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi) offer their own support to MaNu’s operations, for example through the work of youth workers.

Contacts at the Office of Regional Council of Kainuu