Land use planning steers wind power construction

For the most part, wind power construction in Finland is subject to the same regulations as other construction. The construction of wind power plants should always be based on the land use plans drafted in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act. This means that the areas fit for wind power construction are defined in the plan.

The planning of wind power plant sites is currently very active in Finland. You may read more on this topic on the joint site of Finland’s environmental administration.

Updating the Regional Plan for Wind Power in Kainuu

The current regional land use plan for wind power in Kainuu was endorsed by the Assembly of Regional Council on 30th November 2015, ratified first by the Ministry of Environment on 31st January 2017 and then by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court on 21 May 2019. The Regional wind power plan identifies the most suitable areas for wind power construction, based on the studies and situation of the time when the plan was formulated.

The Update Process

Revising the regional wind power plan of Kainuu has become topical, as the rapidly evolving industry may allow new perspectives and new potential areas for wind power production. In their meeting of 17th June 2019, the Assembly of Regional Council of Kainuu decided to launch the official process to draw a new phased regional land use plan covering wind power issues.

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