The Regional Council of Kainuu acts as the intermediary organisation in allocating European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) and corresponding national funds for development projects in Kainuu. In addition, national funding for some specific purposes is granted from time to time via the regional council, as national funds are allocated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for the regions.

Within the office of the regional council, all the issues related to project financing are handled in the Regional Development Unit.

How to Apply for Funding?

As you start planning a development project, please contact the experts at the Regional Council of Kainuu in advance. Also get acquainted with the Kainuu Regional Programme and the implementation plan, as all projects must be in line with the objectives of those documents.

ERDF funding for the 2014-2020 programming period is administered via the EURA 2014 system, through which all transactions take place from the beginning of the project until the very end of it.
Instructions for applicants can be found on the Ministry of Employment and the Economy structural funds website.

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