EUROPE DIRECT Kainuu is member of the Europe Direct network in Finland, which in turn is part of a Europe-wide family of centres. The centres make Europe accessible to people on the ground and get them engage in debates on the future of the EU. The network is managed by the European Commission.

You can contact us with questions about the EU policies, programmes and priorities and engage in events on the future of the EU.

We also go to schools, where we make presentations, run discussions about the EU and provide official publications.

All our services are carried out free of charge for the citizens involved.
Please note that we cannot offer legal advice or interpret EU legislation.

The Centralised Europe Direct Information Service

I am moving to a European country – how do I get my recindence permit? What does the legislation say about roaming costs around Europe? My flight has been cancelled – what are my rights? What kind of funding may my organisation apply from European Union sources?

You shall get the answer to ny of these questions or more from the centralised Europe Direct Service. You may contact the service  for instance using

EU Information Online

Your Europe website at:

Europe Information, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland:

The official EU website:

A video: EU Budget behind the figures

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