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This page is still under construction, but our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive statistic information of our region. Thank you for your understanding!

Kainuu in Figures


The nature of Kainuu, the space available and quality of living are definitely strengths of our region, as well the safety, easiness of everyday life, versatile services available and the good infrastructure available. The region’s abundant natural resources and clean nature provide an excellent framework for the growth of businesses in the region. Extractive industries,  bio economy and tourism, among other fields of industries, create jobs to the region.

Kainuu is an attractive place to live in and to have your holiday cottage in, as well as a tourist destination known for its forested landscapes with rolling hills, extensive nature reserves, abundant waterways and diverse cultural and sports opportunities.

Statistical Publications Available:

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland is a comprehensive volume of statistics on Finland, Finns and Finnish society. The Yearbook combines long time series on the development of society with the latest statistical data. The diverse international section of the publication contains comparison data from other countries.

The Statistical Yearbook of Finland (pdf)

Finland in Figures is an information package about Finland and Finns. Finland in Figures provides key data on population, housing, education, enterprises and culture in the form of statistics and graphics.

Finland in Figures 2020

Sustainable Development Goals – Indicators for Finland 2020

Eurostat regional yearbook 2020


Other Sources of Statistical Information:

Findicator. Information on social phenomena: https://findikaattori.fi/en

Carbonneutralfinland.fi offers information, tools and solutions that rely on research and expertise in order to build a climate-smart Finland.

Vipunen – Education Statistics Finland

Information on Finnish municipalities and regions: https://www.localfinland.fi/

Information on municipal economy and state administration: Exploreadministration.fi

Information on aviation: https://www.finavia.fi/en

Transport: https://www.traficom.fi/en/

Natural Resources Institute Finland: https://www.luke.fi/en/

Tourism in Kainuu: visitory.io

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare: thl.fi

Statistics Finland: Statistics Finland

Customs: tulli.fi

Nordic Countries: Norden.org

European Union: Eurostat


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