Project Aims and Targeted Outputs

The LOGOKA-project aimed to:

  • increase the logistics and trade options knowledge among manufacturing, wholesale, export logistics companies  and other stakeholders
  • facilitate and boost cross-border cooperation between Oulu-Kainuu region and Karelia.

The main outputs are:

  1. Collected and disseminated knowledge about current transportation and potential cargo among companies
  2. New options to cross-border package delivery
  3. Disseminated knowledge of possibilities in cross-border logistics and its regulations among manufacturing companies, wholesalers and logistics companies

The project was targeted at logistics service providers, ports and stevedore companies dealing with transportation of cargo; business intermediaries, wholesalers, large export companies and SMEs interested in cross-border business and need logistics services in North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Karelia region.

LOGOKA Activities

  • To analyse the current trade and logistics regulations and practices in cross-border trade
  • To study new logistics options to deliver small orders direct from Oulu-Kainuu region to Karelia and tests practical solutions
  • To organize joint workshops, training sessions and company visits on both side of the border
  • To disseminate information about trade and logistics regulations and practices.

Iina Laakso, a student at the University of Oulu School of Economics, has worked on the LOGOKA project as a research assistant. Her Master’s thesis for the project deals with cross-border e-commerce deliveries between northern Finland to Russia. The aim of the thesis was to identify ways to develop e-commerce parcel deliveries from Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu to Russia to the Republic of Karelia. You’ll find Iina Laakso’ s Master’s thesis “Cross-border e-Commerce package deliveries between Northern Finland and Russia” ion the University of Oulu website at

Partner Budgets

Oulu Business School, University of Oulu (LP)
Port of Oulu Ltd
Herman Andersson Ltd
Port of Raahe Ltd
Regional Council of Kainuu
SKAL Northern Finland ry.
Corporation of Development of the Republic of Karelia
Autonomous non-profit organization “Professional growth centre”
“JSC Gavan”

News from our Traffic/ Logistics Projects

Two LOGOKA webinars during week 39

The LOGOKA-project aims to increase logistics and trade options knowledge among manufacturing, wholesale, export logistics companies and other stakeholders,...

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