The communications and marketing activities of the regional council are essential for achieving the strategic goals set in the regional plan and regional programme. Communication is an integral part of Regional supervision of interests.

The main role of regional marketing activities in this context is to raise public awareness concerning the Kainuu region and to create a positive image for the region on regional, national and international levels. This is done in close collaboration with a regional network  of different kinds of organisations. Communications also directly contribute to the promotion of tourism, as the regional council helps to coordinate the joint tourism marketing of various organisations.

Communications and marketing also aim to ensure that both the residents of Kainuu and the stakeholders of Regional Council of Kainuu  receive sufficient and timely information on the activities and the decisions taken by the organisation, and as well as the pending matters. Active communication supports the involvement of residents and their opportunities  to influence the matters that concern them, as early in the preparation process as possible.

In the organisation structure of the Regional Council of Kainuu, communications are set under administrative services. In addition, a communications team across organisational units regularly gathers the experts responsible for communications to discuss the current tasks.

Our Communications Team