Kainuu Attracting Filmmakers by Means of an Image Bank

Kainuu Region in Northern Finland has become an attractive filming location. In the new Kainuu image bank, there are also 800 photographs specifically aimed at location scouters.

The region of Kainuu in northern Finland has compiled an image bank, containing about 800 location photographs suitable for location scouters. The purpose of Kainuu image bank is to display the possibilities of the region for both domestic and international production groups.

The location pictures cover Kainuu landscapes as well as the settings offered by the villages and cities of the region. Since the region boasts with four distinctive seasons with different kinds of possibilities, the locations have been photographed during all the seasons.  The photographer behind this selection is Ilkka Mukkala from Location House Finland, specialized in location scouting and pre production services.

“Kainuu has really good preconditions for attracting many new film productions and other audio-visual productions to the region. One important factor here is the guarantee of a real winter. Also, the great Lake Oulujärvi with large open water areas that freeze over every winter is something unique. The lake is traditionally referred to as the “Sea of Kainuu”, and actually offers sea-like sceneries for filmmakers”, Mukkala says.

“The wintry forests, villages and small cities are also really interesting, as well as the summers with midnight sun. As sad it is to see some emptying villages in a region such as Kainuu, they have great potential as film locations. Quiet villages, deserted houses and endless northern wilderness have a certain appeal to them.”

Ilkka Mukkala has 30 years of experience in location scouting.

“The experience gives a certain perspective on what is worth photographing, and what is interesting to directors and producers”, Mukkala says.

Film productions and other audio-visual productions have found their way to Kainuu during the recent years. In the first months of year 2021, The Woodcutter Story by Mikko Myllylahti and awarded with Cannes Critics’ Week Next Step prize, was filmed in Puolanka, Kainuu. Also several commercial productions have been interested in kainuu recently.

The location photographs by Mukkala create the basis for Kainuu Image Bank, also including other kinds of images aimed at marketing the Kainuu region. At the time of the release, the image bank contains about 2 500 photographs, delivered by both amateur photographers and professionals, as well as the municipalities and businesses located in the region. The photographs taken during all the four seasons present the nature, sceneries, villages, cities, people and activities available in Kainuu.

The photographs can be used for free when marketing or promoting the Kainuu region. The photographs may be downloaded for example by representatives of audio-visual productions, the media, national and international bodies as well as businesses, municipalities and communities located in Kainuu.

The image bank has been compiled by a regional work group lead by Marko Karvonen.

“The Kainuu Image Bank has been talked about for years now. The municipalities of Kainuu and other bodies have had their own image banks but creating a joint channel for the whole region is essential for achieving a broader visibility. The Kainuu Image Bank offers both topical and timeless photographs for various needs and responds to the needs of national and international media as well as Kainuu companies and other organisations”, Marko Karvonen says.

The Kainuu Image Bank is built on the kuvat.fi platform and is found at address kainuuarcticlakeland.kuvat.fi. The pictures are arranged by themes and categories, location pictures being one of them. There is also a search field in use. All the images have the watermark © Kainuu Arctic Lakeland on them.

The image bank is maintained by the Regional Council of Kainuu. New photographs will be added regularly to the image bank.

For more information, please contact:

Ilkka Mukkala, +358 40 081 2262, ilkka@locationhouse.net
Marko Karvonen, +358 44 089 5033, marko.karvonen@kao.fi
Regional Mayor Pentti Malinen, +358 44 797 0197, pentti.malinen@kainuunliitto.fi

Kainuu Image Bank: kainuuarcticlakeland.kuvat.fi
Facebook: @KainuuKuvapankki
Arctic Lakeland: https://arcticlakeland.fi/fi/