Aim of the Project

Industry 4.0 is a vision of how production will in the future work more customer-centrally, more automatically, more flexibly and also faster. The intelligence of systems drives automation and people digitally. The INNO PROVEMENT project aims to disseminate related solutions, ie good practices, in partner regions.

7 thematic issues will be explored by partners through intense experience exchange:

  1. Innovation in software Development
  2. Effectiveness of public money used to support industrial R&D under I4.0
  3. Introducing I4.0 to traditional industries
  4. Definition of I4.0 public policy initiatives
  5. Adjusting calls to I4.0 requirements
  6. Market price assessment methodologies
  7. Definition of an I4.0 maturity evaluation matrix

Kainuu is responsible for organising, leading, generating results and reporting on the 3rd GP theme, ”Introducing I4.0 to traditional industries”.

Partner Budgets

Ministry of Finance, HU
ICT Association of Hungary, HU
Ministry of Industry and Trade CR, CZ
Region of Thessaly, EL
Marche Region, IT
COMPETE 2020 Man. Authority for the Competitiveness and Internacionality Operational Programme, PT
Regional Council of Kainuu, FI

360 202 €
214 820 €
115 018 €
101 600 €
258 527 €
247 824 €

181 975 €
287 711 €

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