Traffic Safety, ITS and Green Transport were the main discussion topics of the BEATA meeting this year 

At the end of October 2020, the BEATA (Steering Committee of Barents Euro-Arctic Transport Area) and its current chair, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, have organized an online event with the main theme on safe, smart and green road sector in the Barents Region. The event provides a platform for neighboring counties to share their experiences, achievements and plans. The Barents Region shares long common history and cooperation.

The event program was divided into three main sessions Traffic Safety, ITS and Green Transport.

Barents Region Transport and Logistics (BRTL) project introduced two reports “ITS in the Barents Region” by Jenny Simonsen, ITS Norway and “Green Transport in the Barents Region” by Andreas Forsgen, Tyréns.

In addition to two reports mentioned above, the Regional Council of Kainuun together with Korkia Consalting Oy prepared and implemented the study “World Transport Market and Logictics” in the frames of the BRTL project in spring 2020. The report examines the current logistics and transportation flows in the Barents Region and creates understanding on the area’s future competitiveness.

All reports are open for public and available in English and Russian languages online. Please find reports in English from the link below.

World Transport Market & Logistics

ITS in Barents Region 

Green Transport in Barents Region