Dive in a Mobile Kalevala Adventure!

Spot-lit project granted product development funding for seven applicants in Kainuu through a call for ideas in spring 2020. Those development processes are carried out according individual contracts, the last ones to be finalised in summer 2021. The first product, though, is now ready, as Vienan Portti Ltd published their mobile game “Viena – Epic Kalevala Adventure”.

Vienan Portti Oy as one of the seven applicants received funding for the development of the free, adventure mobile game “VIENA – Epic Kalevala Adventure”. The game is based on Kalevala’s stories and authentic local history and sites in the poetry villages of Viena Karelia. The starting point for the design of the game was to make the themes and items it presented known and to attract interest in them, thereby also increasing the tourist potential of the region.

In collaboration with Vienan Portti Oy, the game has been completed by Kajak Games Osk, run by students from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, and its internal game team Radical Red Games.

Traditional Knowledge in a Modern Form

“I’m excited about the game’s release and how the game has been adapted to the elements familiar from literature. The game has given written stories a visual form, which also inspires young people to get to know tradition and possibly also visit the site to experience the magic of the environment,” says the father of the idea, Keijo Ahtonen.

The game is made in Finnish and English and is available for free download on Android 10 mobile devices from the Google Play store. The game is therefore suitable for both domestic and international markets, and through it information about Kainuu’s history can be experienced widely. It is a technologically innovative approach to literary tourism and the promotion of Kainuu’s culture to large audiences at national and international level.

Vienan Portti is a Family Business

Vienan Portti Ltd is a start-up company located in a remote Vartius village in Kainuu. The estate is close to Russia, with only a few kilometres’ distance to the border.
It is an old family farm whose history is strongly related to Viena Karelian culture and the Karelianism phenomenon. A variety of literature has been collected from the Viena Karelian villages. Ancestor of the current owners, Eljas Ahtonen (better known as “Rimmin Uljaska”, was a model for Akseli Gallen-Kallela when he painted Väinämöinen in his famous Aino triptych!

Keijo Ahtonen and Pirjo Kyllönen are entrepreneurs on their traditional family farm. Vienan Portti will provide programme services and accommodation for tourists in the future where visitors can enjoy Viena Karelian delicacies. This summer the farm has already got off to a good start in renovating the sites. The work continues, but you can enjoy the atmosphere of Rimmi on a limited schedule at the Shed Café.

The authentic history of the farm, the proximity of the Russian border and many historical/mythical sites create a certain attraction both for the site itself and for the program services offered there. Site-based virtual experiences are also being developed on a long-term basis, enabling future customers to experience the world of Kalevala in almost its authentic environments.

Additional Information

Vienan Portti Oy, Kostamustie 5645, Lentiira (opposite to Wild Brown Bear)
Keijo Ahtonen, keijo.ahtonen@vienanportti.com or +358 44 767 2030
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