Europe Day 2022 Celebrated in an International Spirit in Kajaani

Europe Day is annually celebrated on May 9th. In 2022, we will spend the day in Kajaani in an international spirit and making art together. You can find the event tents of Europe Direct Kainuu, EURES employment services and Etnika-Kainuu at the Raatihuoneentori market square. At the same time, the International Info – City of Kajaani will host their official opening at the city hall. Come for a visit!

Chit-Chat and Coffee as Making Paper Cranes

Raatihuoneentori Market Square at 13:00-16:00

This year, the Europe Day theme of  Europe Direct Kainuu is to spread the message of peace and hope and to do something together. At the event tent of the Regional Council of Kainuu/ Europe Direct Kainuu, the visitors have a possibility to learn about making origami and make their own paper cranes, that have served as a symbol of peace since the nuclear attacks in Hiroshima. Lately, in the context of the crisis in Ukraine, individual paper cranes and also larger arrangements have begun to appear here and there. Come and see how you manage with folding paper into a bird! Instructions are available onsite in pictures and video, and you can also get personal advice, if necessary.

At the tent of Kainuu TE-services, EURES employment services for international job search are presented.

Etnika-Kainuu ry, an association for immigrants, is presenting their activities that aim to assist, counsel, guide, promote the general conditions of integration and employment for foreigners living in Kainuu.

Of course, Europe Direct Kainuu is also distributing EU related materials and information for any interested parties. Coffee, juice and buns are offered for visitors.

Get to Know the International Info Services and Create Spatial Art

The Parking Lot of Kajaani City Hall at 13:00-16:00

The international services of the City of Kajaani provide counseling and guidance to all foreigners in Kainuu, for those who are just planning to move here, and for those who work with immigrants. The International Info office has been opened at the Kajaani city hall already in the beginning of year 2022. Now, the official opening event may finally be organised!

During the event, the international services will be presented at the event tent located in the parking area next to the Kajaani city hall. In addition, it is possible to get acquainted with the premises of International Info on the first floor of the city hall.  At the beginning of the event, Jukka Piirainen, Director of International Services of the City of Kajaani, will give an opening speech, and during the event, the public will also have the opportunity to talk to the experts working at the international services.

The event is open to anyone interested. There is a coffee service also at this event.
In addition, a piece of space art will be made together, which everyone is encouraged to participate!


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