INNO PROVEMENT project meeting 12.5.2021

INNO PROVEMENT Interreg Europe Project held the planned online inter-regional meeting on 12.5.2021. In the meeting all the regions presented their action plans and the action plan of Kainuu was presented, too.

The main objectives of the Kainuu action plan are the RIS3 revision which was made during 2019-2020 and a comprehensive model for the uptake of Industry 4.0 by the traditional industry SMEs. During the meeting, four pilot actions were discussed and two of them were agreed to be processed further: (1) Night of Industry 4.0, which is about a series of marketing events of Industry 4.0 to SMEs and (2) Industry 4.0 path for SME uptake. This is based on one good practice from Hungary and on the Kainuu action plan. The pilot applications will be submitted by the lead partner to the IE JS on the 1.6.2021.

Also, a project video was presented by the lead partner. It is available at the Interreg Europe site.