INNO PROVEMENT project, online interregional project progress meeting 3.9.2020

International meeting of INNO PROVEMENT project took place online. Also the progress of Kainuu action plan was presented at the meeting. Because of the pandemic, online meetings will be continued for now.

INNO PROVEMENT Interreg Europe project held an online meeting on 3.9.2020. The agenda of the meeting was to update the status of the partners’ progress and plan ahead the work plan of the project in this continuing situation of the pandemic. The next interregional meeting is scheduled for mid-october, will be held online due to the COVID19 situation. The physical meetings will hopefully resume next year to ensure the learning during the phase 1 of the project.

Jouni Ponnikas presented the progress of the action plan development in Kainuu. The action plan, at this stage, has three priorities: (i) larger policy integration; (ii) implementation of projects effectively stressing the transformative aspects of Industry 4.0, based on digital applications and  including data analytics; (iii) supporting the functioning of an I 4.0 ecosystem, including technologies, competences, and application models.  Reception was positive from the partners and well in schedule of the project timeline.