New Financial Instrument to Strengthen the Barents Co-operation Launched

In October 2021, the Foreign Ministers of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC) member states adopted a new funding instrument for cooperation in the Barents region. The Barents Financial Mechanism (BFM) will be a key instrument for small-scale practical cooperation projects.

Creating a dedicated funding mechanism to support the Barents cooperation has been on the agenda of the BEAC member states for several years, and the new financial instrument was adopted at the end of the Norwegian Chairmanship in the Foreign Ministers meeting, held in Tromsø in October 2021. During the ongoing Finnish BEAC Presidency 2021-2023 the Barents Financial Mechanism will be launched and the first call for project proposals under the theme “Region of opportunities” is expected to be opened on 24th April 2022.

Information for Applicants

The first call will be open as a continuous call until the end of year 2022, or as long as there are funds available.

The Barents Financial Mechanism will support the promotion of sustainable development and people-to-people contacts in the Barents region and to assist in achieving the goals of the chairmanships and the Barents Programme 2019-2023. The mechanism will further be open for projects in all spheres of the Barents cooperation, including Indigenous peoples, youth issues, business sector, tourism, transport and logistics, environment, forest sector, social and health issues, education, research, and culture, as well as rescue cooperation. For the first call, the projects should support the work of the Barents Working Groups.

The maximum grant per project proposal is EUR 40 000, however this amount can be exceeded in extraordinary cases. In an effort to make the mechanism easily available for all, only 10% co-funding is needed, and may consist of own contribution. The project may last up to two years but may be extended to three years upon permission of the IBS and based on reasonable grounds.

The application procedure itself is developed to be user-friendly and accessible for all relevant stakeholders.
An online application form will be published at the date of opening the call.

The International Barents Secretariat will organize multiple info events for potential applicants during spring 2022.

Further information:

More information will be published on the website:

Jari Vilén
Chair of the Committee of Senior Officials of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (CSO), Ambassador
Mob: +358 295 350 381

Markus Karlsen
Head of International Barents Secretariat
Mob: +47 98 10 60 41

Katja Sukuvaara
Financial Mechanism Adviser, IBS
Mob: +358 50 5050 752


Last updated on: 26.01.2022