Project “Communities’ response and resilience to corona virus 19” Approved

The 5th project selected for funding through a specific Northern Periphery and Arctic COVID-19 response call looks at citizens engagement and community response to the pandemic.

The CRR-COVID19 project by Regional Council of Kainuu “Communities’ response and resilience to corona virus 19”  addresses Theme “D” of the NPA COVID 19 response call – “Citizens engagement – Community response”.

The project aims to examine the impact, resilience, and responses to COVID19 in the NPA area on a community level. The CRR -COVID19 project is structured into 4 community groups:

  • Citizens’ responses including human rights considerations.
  • Families and schooling, their readiness for tele-solutions.
  • Health-care providers and user readiness for tele-solutions and practical arrangement to secure safe healthcare.
  • Regional – county authorities assessing the impact of COVID19 and policy responses aiming at sustainable recovery.

The four community groups will explore through tailored community questionnaires leading to insights, best practices utilised during the Covid-19 pandemic in the NPA area and make recommendations for future NPA.

Project Partners:

University of Oulu, Finland
Rural Area Partnership, Northern Ireland
NHS Western Isles, Scotland
Leitrim County Council, Ireland
British Red Cross, Shetland, Scotland
Baltic Sea Cluster Development Centre, Denmark.

Associated Partners:

Derry City & Strabane District Council, Northern Ireland
Faroese Agricultural Agency, Faroe Islands