Project Background

The long distances, the rural regional structure, and lately also the COVID-19 pandemic have contributed negatively to the availability of cultural services in the eight municipalities of Kainuu region. As in so many countries and regions, the cultural sector in Kainuu has suffered a lot. In order to strengthen the cultural services and to secure the opportunities for actors in the field of culture, joint  development activities stimulating co-operation are needed.

A regional development project was seen necessary in order to to support the renewal of the cultural field, to build new opportunities for cultural actors in various fields of art and culture, to create new openings for event production, as well as for the participation of local residents and the visibility of culture in Kainuu. Against this background, the Regional Council of Kainuu applied for and received a grant from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture for the implementation of the project “Cultural Kainuu” for years 2022-2023.

Project Goals

The main goal of this project is to strengthen the co-operation of cultural actors in the Kainuu region and to bring new energy to developing common operating and production methods. Thereby the aim is to promote the availability and accessibility of art and culture, to promote equal inclusion and activity of the people of Kainuu, and to strengthen the vitality of culture in the region.

The project focuses on promoting equal access to and the diverse use of cultural services and art in different population groups of Kainuu.

Target Groups

The project target group includes the municipalities, cultural operators and residents of Kainuu region.  Indirectly, the target group of the project is local resident

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