The Barents Region Transport and Logistics (BRTL) and Northern Axis – Barents Link (NABL) projects were carried by the Regional Council of Kainuu as their lead partner.  The two transport and logistics related projects operated in parallel for most of their implementation period.  Both the projects were funded from the Kolarctic CBC programme.


NABL Studies

NABL project (04.11.2019 – 31.5.2022) aimed to develop the east -west transport corridor and cross-border mobility in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. The project activities explored the potential of the main transport infrastructure in the border areas alongside the Northern Axis – Barents Link transport corridor. The project identified the bottlenecks of the transport corridor to further harmonize the development of Northern Axis – Barents Link. The project activities aimed to increase understanding and define the impacts of several initiatives to Kolarctic area east-west transport corridors and networks, including economic viability.

BRTL Studies

The project application founded on the viewpoint that decisions of transport and logistics in the Barents Regions had too often been based on national plans only. The national transport strategies have been made and the Regional Transport Plans implemented, being not so much aware of the neighboring regions´ (countries´) strategies/ plans in this field. The BRTL project (1.11.2018 – 30.4.2022) aimed to implement the Joint Barents Transport Plan (JBTP) in the regional level.

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