Project Background

According to research, Kainuu region and the possibilities it offers are poorly known. Perceptions of the region are positive for those who already know the region a little, though. In order to recruit skilled labor to Kainuu, more information is needed to develop business policies that support immigration, as well as measures to make the region well known. The Kainuu region needs new and innovative measures to attract new residents and to secure the operating conditions of companies.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that teleworking is possible in a wide range of tasks. Attracting new residents is important to the whole Kainuu region, but within the regions, teleworking and not being tied to one location could especially benefit the areas outside the municipal centers. It is also important to develop the housing services and other services for migrants.

Business policies paying attention to young people, and especially to young women, can increase Kainuu’s attractiveness among new target groups. In the Kainuu region, young women are clearly under-represented compared to he men of the same age. Considering the regional demographics, this is worrying. There are many indications that young women are making more and more impact on the future vitality of the region, as they make choices of where they want to live in and work at.

Project activities

In the project, the Kainuu regional brand will be strengthened by launching a wide-ranging cooperation process of developing and renewing the regional brand.  This will be done in order to recruit skilled labor and attract the interest of both residents and tourists. Based on the brand strategy created in the project and the mapping of municipality-specific attraction factors, a model and processes for marketing Kainuu will be created.

The project measures include background studies, workshops, preparing a marketing strategy, the launch of a joint marketing process, the production of a brand handbook and marketing material bank, campaigns via selected channels and material production for various actors. Developing digitalisation (a joint platform and the sustainable processes related) is also an important part of the project. The things Kainuu region has to offer (work, leisure, study, hobbies) are compiled on an online platform coordinated by the Regional Council of Kainuu, made available to everyone and utilized by those working in recruitment and marketing.  Kainuu will be developed so that the region is appealing to independent and multi-locational employees.

Target Groups

The project target groups include potential new employees, people returning to the region, current residents, students and tourists, as well as multi-locational residents and potential teleworkers. The needs of the target groups are mapped also from the women’s perspective in a separate pilot project. In addition, the potential of location-independent and multi-locational work is being explored.

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