Regional Council of Kainuu Supporting Ukraine

The regional board of Kainuu has unanimously and unequivocally condemned the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine and decided to provide assistance to the victims of the war.

At its meeting on 14.3.2022, the regional board (a statutory decision-making body for the Regional Council of Kainuu) decided to participate in helping Ukraine and those who had fled Ukraine. The Regional Council of Kainuu is donating 5 000 euros, The donation will be used to help children, who are the most vulnerable victims of the war. In Ukraine, the support is channeled through Unicef. In the Kainuu region, at the initiative of the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, the donation is used e.g. to purchase school supplies for Ukrainian children arrived in the region.

Kainuu has a long and unique history as a gateway between West and East. The cooperation has thrived from the days of building the neighboring Kostomuksha city and developed into diverse cross-border cooperation of the recent years. The Regional Council of Kainuu is extremely disappointed that, due to the war launched by the Russian Federation, the good and established co-operation is now severed. Ukraine and the Ukrainians are the biggest victims of the war, but the indirect damage caused in the framework of cross-border cooperation is also extensive. This is is the sole responsibility of the Russian state leadership.

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