Bioeconomy is one of Kainuu key businesses and the largest private-sector industry in Kainuu in terms of turnover and human resources. The region’s ample natural resources and skilled labour provide opportunities for increasing both domestic and international demand and promoting local production, such as wood construction, local energy and locally sourced food.

Bio-economy sectors in Kainuu:

  • forest-based bioeconomy
  • renewable energy
  • food and blue bioeconomy (sustainable use of waters)
  • nature-based tourism and well-being services

RIS3 and Bio-economy

Bio-economy is also one key cluster in Kainuu RIS3 strategy 2021 – 2027 (See: In RIS3 strategy bio-economy is developed by RDI activities.

Objectives of Kainuu RIS3 strategy are:

1. Improving the productivity of investment / RDI financing: growth based on innovation and know-how

2. RDI expenditure / inhabitant increasing

3. Kainuu’s attractiveness for investment and return on investment will improve (gross capital formation in Kainuu increases)

4. A more skilled workforce and a better functioning labor market: a better match between labor supply and demand: increase of demand for more skilled and more educated labour; increase of demand for researchers working in industries

5. Exports increase and the degree of processing of production increases

6. Increasing the commercialization of innovations and the transfer of innovations to production

7. The number of growth companies is increasing.

BERRY+ Partnership

One key element of implementing bio economy in RIS3 strategy is BERRY+, which is a Smart Specialisation and industrial modernisation partnership, bringing together eight regions from six European member states. BERRY+ is dealing with the processing of renewable natural resources, ingredients and side flows towards high added value products.

See more details of Berry+ on the Regional Council of Kainuu web page and on EU`s RIS3 thematic platforms industrial modernization page

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